About the Department of Physics

The Department of Physics belongs to the Faculty of Science and Technology at Umeå University.

Originally the department included both physics and applied physics and electronics, but in 1993 it was divided into two units, the Department of Physics and the Department of Applied Physics and Electronics.

At present about 100 people work at the new Department of Physics, professors, lecturers, researchers, guest professors, postdocs, doctoral students, and technical and administrative staff. We carry out research and research education in various fields, for example in optical physics, nonlinear physics, plasma physics, general relativity, condensed matter physics and nanotechnology, photonics, biological physics, complex networks, space physics and physics education.

We host over eighty international undergraduate and graduate physics students and about ten foreign PhD students from all over the world. In some courses there can be even more foreign students than Swedish students. The research atmosphere at the department is heavily international also due to collaborations with many research groups abroad.

Most of the physics courses offered during the first two years of university studying, the very basic BSc courses, are offered in Swedish, but from the third year on all our courses are offered in English and the Master´s Programme in Physics is offered solely in English.

Although it is possible to study all physics courses individually, they are usually included in various study programmes, like the BSc Programme in Applied Physics and Mathematics (basic 3 years), the Master´s Programme in Physics (advanced 2 years), the Master´s Programmes in Engineering Physics, Energy Engineering, and Computing Science and Engineering (integrated 5 years programmes), or the open entrance engineering programme (introductory 1 semester). Some courses are studied by teacher education students as well. We also offer pre-university courses in physics for students with a secondary school degree in fields other than science.

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