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NanoLab is a classified Class 100 cleanroom located at the department of Physics. It was established in June 2012, and has since its inception been in continuous development. Today, it comprises a variety of advanced fabrication and characterization setups, including; thin-film deposition system (PVD75 thermal evaporator), nanoimprinter (Obducat NIL 2.5), mask aligner (Karl Süss Mask Aligner MJB3, X-ray diffractometer (PANalytical Xpert3 Powder), optical tensiometer (Attension Theta), low-pressure plasma system (diener electronics ATTO), as well as number of more standard pieces of equipment, such as spin coaters, optical microscopes,  vacuum ovens, hotplates, UV-curing boxes, analytical scales, etc.

Besides the equipment available in the Nanolab, the Nanolab offers space for user´s own experiment too. Users have access to fume hoods and central gases (N2, Ar, H2, O2, liquid CO2, compressed air) and vacuum in each working station and inside the fume hoods.

Manuals for all equipment are to be found in this website, shorter version manuals are available too in the NanoLab.

Trainings are offed annually for using the cleanroom and for the most of the equipment. Check KBC website for recent course announcements or contact Dr. Roushdey Salh (the coordinator of the NanoLab).

The equipment in NanoLab is made available to all scientists at Umeå University, as well as external institutions, for just a minor fee. A discount is offered for frequent users or high-volume users.

The infrastructure is supported by KBC and supervised by experts from department of Physics, Microbiology, and Applied physics and electronics. The NanoLab is used for both research and to educate student in advanced levels.

The NanoLab has special environment, with this unique opportunity comes many responsibilities and restrictions. All users are kindly asked follow the general rules of a cleanroom and to keep an active eye on the overall facilities and taking part in improving the cleanroom. Therefore every user must take part in the cleanroom training seminar before having the license to use the NanoLab and the facilities independently.

The most important cleanroom rules:

  • Only trained users can enter the cleanroom.
  • Follow the special entrance and exit procedures.
  • No pencils, papers, rings, watches, mobile phones are allowed in the cleanroom.
  • No cosmetics when intending to use the cleanroom.
  • No smoking 30 minutes prior to entering the cleanroom.
  • Prevent touching any objects or surfaces unnecessarily.
  • Prevent fast moving or talking in the cleanroom.
  • Clean after finishing your work.

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