Analytical Laser Spectrometry

Analytical Laser Spectrometry represents the field in which laser spectrometric techniques are used for assessments of the concentration (or the amount) of a given species in gaseous form, i.e. free atoms or molecules

Laser-based spectroscopic techniques are outstanding for a variety of applications. Of special importance is their ability to detect the presence of small or unknown concentrations of species in gas phase (atoms or molecules) under various types of conditions. Their general denominator is that they, in general, are characerized of both high sensitivity and selectivity.

Since there is an increasing demand for more sensitive and selective assessments of  atoms or molecules, our research group are active in the field of Development of Spectroscopic Techniques for Sensitive Detection of Atoms and Molecules

Due to their good ability to perform accurate assessments of the concentrations of free atoms or molecules, our research activity is primarily focussed on development of techniques based on either Absorption or Dispersion Spectrometry.

We are presently working with development of the following types of technique:

Previous activites have been concerned with:

  • Laser Induced Fluorescence (LIF) and TDLAS in Graphite Furnaces (GF)
  • Laser-Enhanced Ionization (LEI) in Flames and Graphite Furnaces (GF)

We have presently a postion open for a postdoc. You can find more information about this here.

Please feel free to take part in our activity.

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