Space Physics

Space Physics has been an important field of research at the Department of Physics since the 1970’s. There was early an established theoretical group at the department and a strong collaboration was initiated with the Swedish Institute of Space Physics (IRF) in Kiruna. This expanded the research from theoretical plasma physics to space plasma physics, modelling, in-situ measurements on-board satellites and radar observations in space.

Today the Umeå Space Physics group has a wide expertise within fundamental processes in space plasmas, space environment effects on spacecraft and humans, extraterrestrial matter, interplanetary and interstellar dust as well as dust-plasma interactions in space. The studies employ theory, modelling and data from versatile space missions and ground-based facilities such as the Cluster and THEMIS satellites, Rosetta comet orbiter and the EISCAT radars. Many projects are run as collaboration with the Swedish Institute of Space Physics in Kiruna, where most of the active space physics PhD students work.

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Staff - Space Physics

Hamrin, Maria           Lindkvist, Jesper               Norberg, Carol           Norqvist, Patrik               Mann, Ingrid                   Pellinen-Wannberg, Asta Pitkänen, Timo       Rönnmark, Kjell         Vaverka, Jakub

PhD students:

De Spiegeleer, Alexandre
Persson, Moa, IRF-Kiruna Ramstad, Robin, IRF-Kiruna